Walt Disney Faces Loss Of 1.4 billion

Walt Disney

Walt Disney Co Faces loss of 1.4 billion Dollars. This all came across between January and March. As all of you are aware of the COVID-19 Situation. The best Animation creator of all time closed its pasrks and movie releases.

Meanwhile this was sure to put a great impact on the company. The additional business was to be put on a hold until the COVID-19 passes.

The Firm was already facing some drawbacks of the virus. And it was to happen. I mean how long can you stay put in this situation. With the current situation going on. Disney co will take some health measures, Such as temperature checks and masks along with hand sanitizers.

Walt Disney co shares that the revenues from parks and products are experiencing a downfall of 10% . which is probably 5.5 billion dollars. thats a huge amount.

During the release of ”Frozen 2” and ”Star Wars” there was slight rise in the profits of the company.

Walt Disney

The question here rises that will this situation continue for Disney?. Well nobody has the answer to that but safety measures can do a lot improvement.

As the world will start to recover there will be gradual increase in the Profit side of the firm.

Disney was to open its Shenghai park on monday. That’s probably because china has overcome the disease very fast. and with enough secure health measures safety is possible. As we all know almost every public place is now opening safely in china and people are taking safety measures. same thing will help in opening the parks.

Lastly i would like to add some facts about this COVID 19 And its situation.

The park of shenghai in china will make sure to practice social distancing and it will also check people through temprature screening. health barcodes will be a sure thing.

Lets see what happens. Also let us know in the comments about all of your thoughts.