Impact Of Coronavirus on Apple and other tech industries.

Impact of coronavirus

Apple has revealed that the disruption and destruction of coronavirus will affect apple forcasts and revenues. Lets take look what will be the impact of coronavirus on tech indutries.

As many of us know this that a large amount of apple products . And China is on a verge of facing the deathly disease ”Coronavirus”.

The smartphone maker has already warned about the going on situation of china and its causes and effects on apple demand and supply. According to apple tech experts, As China has recently opened its factories. The supply is low and most stores are still not open.

Impact of coronavirus

As we all know the apple products are from chinese factories and the demand depends on its consumers. The whole country is facing a deathly disease so it has become hard to cop up with tech industries and their productions.

The demand of supplies has disturbed very badly as most of the stores have yet to open. The work has been starting to resume but the turn out really slow in China. Same thing goes for the chines customers who are not buying goods and luxury products.

more the 60000 people are facing the effects of coronavirus and the death rate has increased highly. The death rate has reported to be 1800 by the officials.

Apart from apple many other tech industries are facing the consequences. Because many industries rely on chinese products their factories etc. As for Pakistan the mobile accessories are facing a great impact of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, China has made many other companies like Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi etc. and the supply of these smartphones or the parts in there is under high impact of coronavirus. However, the threat of the virus gone, in the near future the industries operations will still take weeks or months to restore their productions.

Lets hope for the best and see what happens.