Facebook App Will Have Dark Mode Option Now.

Facebook App Will Have Dark Mode Option.

Facebook App is one of the most useable apps in our Phones i think. And just like other apps like Instagram, Whatsapp and youtube, Now, Facebook app will have dark mode.

The news or Dark Facebook Theme is circling on the internet since August of 2019. But It is official Now. There are some screenshots by 9to5 Google. These are showing that the dark theme is on tests right now. But it will be in the app very soon.

We do not know when will it release but lets hope it will be soon. The dark theme will be just like all other apps’s dark theme a hinch of greyish black. the icons will show blue color when they will activate.

Facebook App Will Have Dark Theme

There is also another news circulating that the facebook app will have Dark Mode and a COVID 19 tracker thingy.

The tracker when (the facebook app will have dark theme) will show the numbers of cases of COVID 19 in your local area. Also you would see the cases in the whole wide world. You will also see the cases of one single country overall.

With the increasing number of COVID 19 cases it is essential to keep the track of the cases in all areas.

Withe these new features facebook will be just like other apps but it will also have dark mode. Other apps like intagram and youtube and whatsapp are all have dark modes. and it is becoming really popular. That is why Mark Zuckerberg thought that it would be best if facebook app will have dark theme.