Punjab Excise Will Give Number Plates A Tracking System

Punjab Excise

Punjab Excise is a department along with a taxation and narcotics control. It ensures the collection of taxes. Also it looks after the mobilization of vehicles in the province.

Recently the excise department is paying attention toward digitalization a lot. And to modernize further, it is looking for a way to launch smart cards and computerized number plates. Which will be track able.

The system is under process ready for launch in a few days. The excise department is upgrading its systems which will enable the better use of all applications. We do not have any details to this matter as for now. But will soon get information upon the launch.

Punjab Excise Application, How Will It Work

For now, The system will simplify things not only for citizens but also it will hold all the information on the backend. Even the third party’s details will be there. You will see the details on the dashboard when applicant will apply. Upon the completion of the process the applicant will get all the information.

You will receive notifications when process is complete. And updates through SMS. Moreover, Printing of Smart Cards is in the process for all the Four wheeler drivers. With this the pending cards will be available to every applicant until January.

This process will also simplify Tax payments. Also an e-auction will take place once this all settles up. So there are plenty of upgrades are coming. Soon we will get to know them all.

As for the e-auction, it is an auction which is held over the internet. A perfect example for e auction is Ebay. Punjab Excise holds e-auction successfully. And their new schedules are displayed here  

There is also an app available for the auction purpose.

Give us your thoughts in the comments. What do you think about this application.