Access your Whatsapp account from 4 devices At a time.

Access your whatsapp account from 4 devices

Did you know there’s going to be an update on whatsapp. Well according to which you will be able to access your whatsapp account rom 4 devices simultaneously.

How is this going to be possible? There was a screenshot on twitter about this possibility. But this is still under process. And when will they release this update is yet to be confirmed.

The screenshot says its the ability to access your whatsapp account from 4 devices at a time but its still undergoing process. But they say that its going to be great.

Well for now whatsapp allows only one device. It can be your mobile or your web where you can access your whatsapp account. And by web i mean you can access it on your browser or laptop etc.

But the question here arises is that is there a need for 4 platforms to access your whatsapp account at a time?.well it will be wonderful. There is no doubt in that. But with every opportunity comes a loophole. And i think that it will give exposure to breach of accounts as well.
There can be lots of cases like that you never know. But let’s hope for the best.

Right now the process of accessing whatsapp on two devices is that you have to scan code and then you can access it.

Same strategy will go to access your whatsapp account from 4 devices at a time. And that will be through scanning. Or let’s see if whatsapp also makes a change in that.

For now this ability is under process and we don’t know how long it will take to apply. The development will undergo many tests and then it will be applicable after that.

Let’s see how it turns out. Let us know about your thoughts in the comments.