e-Rozgaar Program Employment Opportunities For 2020

e-Rozgaar Program

All of us are having a hard time in adjusting into this year of 2020. But some of us are on the verge of disappointment. That’s because the loss of jobs in Pakistan due to the COVID-19. But There is a good news. e-Rozgaar Program is creating new possibilities for the people who have lost their jobs.

The pandemic has put a greater impact on our lives. And the amount of time and experience that we have lost cannot be imagined. In this moment of despair e-Rozgaar program has come up to be a life saver.

Ok, So let me take you back to the intro of the e-Rozgaar Program.

Basically govt has introduced this program. The main cause is to reduce the unemployment. And to make way for the foriegn currency to flow in Pakistan.

The e-Rozgaar Program gives training to the unemployed and creates oppurtunities of jobs for them

Basically this program promotes freelancing so that the youth of pakistan can stand up on their feet. it helps to create self employment.

How can you apply?.

To apply in the program you have to fulfill following conditions.

  • Provide your CNIC.
  • Your Punjab Domicile Info.
  • Age Limit Is 22-35.

The e-Rozgaar program has trained 16000+ candidates. and if you have all that takes to be on the course. join it and reduce unemployment. This initiative is creating opportunities for you. So you can earn money from home and reduce unemployment in Pakistan

The Program has trained so many individuals. You can find their success stories too. And if you have any queries simply visit the e-Rozgaar site.