5G In Pakistan Is Being Introduced By Zong

5g in Pakistan

Zong, The pioneer of 4G in Pakistan is the first ever network company that has brought 5G in Pakistan. China mobile Pakistan has successfully conducted 5G test trials in Pakistan.

China mobile pakistan company has the largest 4G network with 11000+ 4G towers and larger number of users. The company is the first one to bring innovative technology in Pakistani telecom industry. So, Zong has over 13 million 4G users.

Zong is leading the position as technological innovative telecom and it surely has fulfilled the promise to provide People of Pakistan with revolutionary speed of connectivity.

A s we all know that the Minister of technology and science had already announced the news of 5G in Pakistan but at that time the process was undergoing. and now it is official.

furthermore, he ensured it that a movie that takes 40 minutes to download will be downloaded in 3.5 minutes. Now this is how fast 5G in Pakistan will be. Moreover we are Super excited to see how that works.

Zong has brought the future closer to us. Now we all know that 5G technology is very fast but, it will be faster in Pakistan.

The first ever company to give 4G here, we all know that 11000 4G cell sites. The first and best company in responding to complaints has made Zong the number 1 Network In Pakistan.

5g in Pakistan

As the CEO of zong 4G Said,

“Customers priority and quality principle” has made zong leading mobile communication network in Pakistan.

He further stated that.

Moreover, The big connectivity strategy is going to lay a foundation for network in Pakistan. We are ready to pursue excellence and lead the future in Pakistan”

Finally, God knows where will our future lead with this high expected qualities of connection. Let’s count on to that.