How to recover apple id password


Forgot your apple id password again?. Don’t worry you’ve come to the right place. There are different methods to recover apple id password. I will describe them in this article just stay tuned.

What is an apple id

Recover apple id

Basically, An apple id is an account that you use on your iPhone to perform every task. Whereas your apple id is very important. and you should know how to recover apple id password.

Moreover, you cannot access your App Store without it. With the help of it you can sign in to iCloud and shop from the itunes store. Besides if you happen to forget your apple id password you have to keep your email in mind.

Methods to recover apple id password.

Following list of methods that you can use to recover apple id password.

  • Two step verification ( if enabled)
  • reset apple id password with email
  • use security questions to reset apple id password
  • Two factor authentication.

Two step verification method.

Two step verificarion is a method which is used to recover apple id password.It helps to prevent anyone from access of your

1- Simply open the Apple id account page.

2- click ” Forgot Apple Id Or Password”

3- Confirm your phone number.

4- Now enter your apple id and select reset your password and continue.

5- Enter the recovery key for your two step verification.

6- Choose a device where your verification code will be sent.

7-Enter the code and create a new password

8- Select Reset password and its done!!.

Sign in again with your new password and change it on your device as well.

Reset Apple id Password with Email

So, here is the easy method to reset apple id password with the help of an email. Obviously, You have to keep in mind one thing and that is your email id. Further, you must remember your apple id or apple email address at any cost.As long as this method is concerned you cannot reset password without email.

Below are the steps to rest apple id password.

1- Navigate to apple id page.

2- Enter your email address.

3- Now continue.

4- Select “Forgot apple id password” or “i need to reset my password”.

5- Select get an email or Answer the security questions.

6- Enter the email and wait for the email that apple will send you.

7- open the email and follow the steps in the email.

8- Reset you password and sign in again in the apple account again.

Use Security questions to reset apple id password

This method is as similar as the previous method. Basically, This is an easy method and you have to remember the answers to the security questions. Most importantly, Make sure to set the ones you can remember easily.

Recover apple id password.

let’s take a look.

1- Open apple id page and cilck reset password.

2- If you have security questions you can select this option.

3- Answer the security questions

4- Follow the steps and reset your apple id password.

Finally, If you do not remember answers to your security questions you can reset them and after that you can reset your apple id password. To reset your security questions follow the steps below.

1- Now the first step is to visit

2- Also Enter the apple id and then continue.

3- Now choose Reset your security questions and continue.

4- Reset your security questions and continue

Last but not least, sign in to your apple id and continue.

Two Factor Authentication.

Now in this method you can reset your apple id password through any device that you can easily access .

For iMac

  • Open Apple menu
  • go to system preferences and open iCloud.
  • Select Forgot apple id password and reset.
  • Open security and reset password.
  • Now Enter the password to unlock iMac and then proceed.

For iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone

  • Open settings.
  • Click your name and go to password and security.
  • Change password and Voilaaa!!!!
  • At last Its Done.

Finally, Hope you will find this article useful and with the help of this article you can easily reset apple id password. If you find this article useful let us know in the comments below.