How to start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Complete Guide

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular and best method to earn money online. It’s a way through which people are making Millions per month. By doing affiliate marketing, you can earn a passive income by working. So in this article, I am going to cover “How to start affiliate marketing.” Also, I will share all the necessary details that you need to know about affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Some too many people have already defined “Affiliate Marketing.” But in simple words, Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting others products or services to increase their sales to get some commission. This means you will promote other products and services, and whenever someone buys that product or service through your reference, you will get some commission. 

How can I start affiliate marketing?

You can start affiliate marketing whenever you want. It’s not very easy but also not a very difficult process. Here, I will share some top methods through which people are doing Affiliate Marketing and earning passive income. You can also explore these processes and earn money from affiliate marketing. 

The first step to start affiliate marketing is to search the platforms to signup as an affiliate marketer to promote their products or services by your Affiliate links.

Method of Affiliate Marketing:

There are too many methods of doing affiliate marketing, but here I will share the top 3 Methods.

  1. Affiliate Blogs
  2. Youtube
  3. Advertising

From all these three methods, you can do Affiliate Marketing.

How can I earn from Affiliate Marketing?

You can earn money from affiliate marketing by promoting other products and services. First, go to any Affiliate based platform and signup as an affiliate marketer. After that, Search for products and services that you want to promote. Then generate an affiliate link of products and services and promote it in your traffic area.

Here I am going to describe all three methods that I have shared.

1-Affiliate Blogs:

Affiliate Blogs

The process of doing affiliate marketing through your Affiliate blogs is simple but not easy. If you have the skills of Search Engine Optimization and Ranking Strategies, then this method is very suitable for you. And you can choose this method for affiliate marketing.

The first thing you need is to create a blog where you will share reviews, specifications, and prices of products or services. You can write a detailed article on that product or service to engage the users. Now you can enter your affiliate links on the “Buy now” or “Check Price” buttons. So whenever anyone buys that product or service by your affiliate link, you will get a commission for those products or services.

But remember that you can not rank your website quickly. It takes time, and the minimum time you need is 5 to 6 months to rank higher on search engines.


Affliate through YouTube

Youtube is another best way to do affiliate marketing. The process of doing affiliate marketing through youtube is very simple. You have to need to make a review based video of any product or service and upload it on Youtube.

Now, on the youtube video description, you can enter your Affiliate line of the products that you have reviewed in the video. So same as last, whenever anyone buys that product or service through your link, you will get a commission of that product or service.


Advertising Affiliate Marketing

This process is paid and needs investment to start with this. In this process, the affiliate marketers run paid ads on google and social media platforms of their affiliate products or services. 

I recommend you don’t start with this method. Because it’s not suitable for starters, if you have Digital Marketing skills, you can go with this method.

Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms:

For more Affiliate Marketing platforms, you can check out this link.

Video Tutorial:


So finally, I hope that this article will be very knowledge full of you. I have defended all the basics information that you need to know before starting Affiliate Marketing. Overall you can begin your Affiliate Marketing journey with the help of this article. 

The more research you will do, the more knowledge you will get about Affiliate Marketing. If you get any benefit or knowledge from this article, you must share it with all your friends on social platforms. Thank you.