Amazon Registers Sellers Of Pakistan.

Amazon registers sellers

US giant amazon will register some of the Pakistani e commerce sellers. Abdul Razzak Dawood (The commerce and investment adviser to the prime minister) Confirmed. Amazon registers sellers of Pakistan. This is a huge achievement for Pakistan.

However, Now Pakistan has given A list of 38 exporters to Amazon. Which include sellers of goods, like surgical and sports goods. Home textile sectors. These will be expanded in the near future.

The adviser announced after the 2nd meeting of National e-Commerce council on thusrday.

Amazon registers sellers

Pakistan has developed itself. The trend of e-commerce is increasing day by day. Also Dawood understands the importance and the increasing trend.

The e-Commerce trend is developing in this country. the fact that Amazon registers sellers in Pakistan shows the importance.

It is time now the world also recognizes Pakistan through its digitalisation. As we all know that Pakistan have grown keen to the possibilities.

The internet access is giving a lot of opportunities to each one of us.

The internet has brought the worlds together. Amazon registers sellers in any country due to its increase of digital trend.

And interest in e-Commerce. in the meeting Abdul Razzak also highlighted that internet lets you work from home.

However, due to the Pandemic and its situation getting serious. COVID-19 might be a blessing in disguise. Because people can work from home.

And in this pandemic it has increased. The trend of e commerce has increased in the pandemic. While internet lets you work from the comfort of your home.

The conference also included. The focus in Pakistan is to promote the Exports of Pakistani goods. Promoting Pakistani Trade and creating new market for its exporters.

For this a list of 38 sellers is given to amazon. Amazon registers sellers and this will promote goods of Pakistan.

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