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How to earn money with Facebook Adbreak

How to earn money with Facebook AdBreak? YES! you read it right, Now you can also earn with facebook while using it.Its very simple for any active facebook user.

Facebook gives you very handsome amount if you can work hard Because without doing nothing nobody gives you money. You have to work hard to achieve some goals . But in my thinking facebook is the easiest way to earn. Because you just need to know about facebook and be active on it.

Facebook launched facebook Watch on August 9, 2017 which we also know as Facebook adbreak . Which was initially started to the U.S user then later it became available in most countries .

In this video content producers allow to partnership with facebook ,Who produce content. They will earn 55% of advertising income, However 45% of revenue will be held by facebook because they are providing their platform.

It works as same as Youtube allows the users to earn by uploading videos which should be original content this same formula applies in facebook adbreak You just need to make your own content.

So other user can get something new from your side which should be different and entertaining or other type of content that attracts Other user to watch.

Now the question is how you can earn ,So don’t worry i will tell you all about this.
So you need to have Facebook Page. In your page you should upload your own video content. Which should be creative enough to attract users. By getting views on video you can earn some money which totally depends on how you can get more views. As we all know more views more earning!!

So the question is what are the requirements of Facebook Adbreak. Here below i am going to reveal those requirements.

Facebook Adbreak requirements.

  • You must have 10,000 Facebook page Likes. (followers)
  • You need 30,000 One minute views on your video which should be atleast 3 minute.
  • Eligibility standard for Monetisation. Yes! you need to meet facebook eligibility.
    For eligibility there is no rocket science. You just need to create your own video content. And which should not be vulgar ,nudity ,porn etc. That is putting bad impact in our society.
  • And last thing is your Country availability . Because facebook adbreak is not available in all countries right now. so you can check this here

For checking your page eligibility click on this link “Facebook adbreak


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