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How to download files from google drive to your device

Google drive is one of the most popular and useful Online storage in which we can save our images ,Documents and files in very easiest way by just having google account its simple as it is just go to gmail and create your new account at gmail when you sign up with gmail then you can use any google product account by having one account,So now your question is “how to download files from google drive to your device “Right!

Don’t worry i will give you full solution step by step guide because we are here to provide you information about various things. Our goal is to serve you as best as we can. So we talk about google drive yet it is most popular it also gives free cloud storage which is 15 GB, So here below i m going to discuss about how to download files from google drive to your device.

Got your data backed up on google drive and need it back now?
We have a solution for you ,any type of device user like Iphone user,Ipod user,android user,iMac user and Computer user
So the approach for apple users is different as compared to android ones
Iphone or ipod
If you use iphone and ipod you have these steps to follow

  1. Open google drive app.
  2. Tap those three dots( …) also called more.
  3. Select send a copy
  4. Tap save image or save video, Whatever it is you are saving
    In case you are android user follow these steps
  5. Open G drive on your phone or tablet.
  6. Tap more(…) and download
  7. Open
  8. Right click on the file and click download


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