Change Your Facebook Page Name Here’s How?

Change Your Facebook Page Name

Do You Want to Change your facebook page name?. I am explaining it here in a simple way so you can easily understand.Now a days it is really easy.

You can change your Facebook page name but in the past it was never possible. Now some steps need some assurance. Changing your facebook page name is not a play.

Even if Facebook allows you to change your facebook page name. You must follow some restricted steps. Think of the name at once. Give your page a name that is completely understandable. Because you can not change it after changing once.

Rules That Should Be Followed To Change Page Name.

You can not add official to your page name if it is not an official brand page. Meaning that You cannot claim it official if it is just a fun page. Abusive Language is not allowed Ofcourse.

You can add 75 words but who will give their page a long name of 75 words. But its a good thing. Additional information and your slogans May rest in your about section. Don’t make a fuss of everything. And don’t include generic information.

Steps To Change your Facebook Page Name

Here are simple steps that will help you change page name.

First you have to

  • Go to About of your Page. its on the left side.
  • There you can see your page name.
  • click edit ( close to your FB page name.)
  • Give your page a brand new name.
  • Click continue.
  • look at your request
  • Click Request change.

Now facebook will look after your request and if your Page name completes all rules you will be good to go.

Now if you change it once you can not undo it. So be careful and think of your Facebook page name beforehand.

Make sure its a name that stands upon the very nector of your page.

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