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This category includes first hand phone reviews and unboxing videos by Technical Sain team prepared after testing and insight of Smartphones specifications.

Huawei's own operating system: Will Hongmeng Replace Android?

Huawei’s own operating system: Will Hongmeng Replace Android?

Huawei, a shenzen based company. The 2nd best android smartphone maker got banned in the US. As we know huawei is the...
oneplus 7 pro specs

OnePlus 7 Pro Specification and Price

Oneplus 7 pro is all set to launch in May. The oneplus 6 has its pros such as large battery life, fine display and...
Samsung note 10 "keyless" smartphone

Samsung note 10 “keyless” smartphone is going to be launched

The Galaxy series samsung Note 10 "keyless" is a few months away,but it has created quite a fuss right now. According to ET news...
Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tablet S6 with 5G, specifications.

Tomorrow is going to be the launch of new Samsung galaxy tablet S6 with 5G connectivity. The first tablet to have 5G connectivity. Although...
Impact of coronavirus

Impact Of Coronavirus on Apple and other tech industries.

Apple has revealed that the disruption and destruction of coronavirus will affect apple forcasts and revenues. Lets take look what will be the impact...
Huawei P30

Huawei P30 is a Complete Photography Package

Huawei has introduced lots of interesting models in the market. Every new smartphone that Huawei has produced are always better than the previous ones....
Oppo A53

Oppo A53 with 3D Wave Design Is Now In Market

Oppo launches its new flagship oppo A53. Its now launched in the market. The smartphone is no less than the mobiles of Huawei, Samsung...
9 Internet Service Providers

Best Internet Service Providers In Pakistan

Internet has become essential part of our daily life. Without which we cannot survive. Yes it is right to say that. Because we have...
Google's Foldable Phone

Google Foldable Phone Will Be In Market In 2021

Foldable phones are now the future of smartphones. How far other than this can technology go?. This is a question still without any answer.Google...