200 General Helper Jobs In Dubai

General Helper Jobs In Dubai
General Helper Jobs In Dubai

Jobs for General Helpers are open in Dubai with the benefits of free accommodation. This job for general helper is offered by the well known company “Sri Balaji Manpower Services”. How this company hiring general helpers in Dubai? Have a look on the general intro about company following below:

Company Intro:

Sri Balaji Manpower Services is a company that provides different services of recruitment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This company is currently hiring for the position of General Helper in Dubai. IF you will be good in maintaining a clean and organized workspace then you can reserve your seat in this company.

Sri Balaji Manpower Services supporting various departments with administrative tasks, and ensuring the overall well-being of the workplace. If you are interested to apply in this company as a General Helper then check out following details carefully before apply:

Job TitleGeneral Helpers
Salary800 AED excluding Over time
QualificationNot required
Experience Not required
Job TypePermanent
CompanySri Balaji Manpower Services

Job Description:

In “Sri Balaji Manpower Services” you have to do duty of 8 hours per day with overtime, and the company provides free accommodation. If you are interested in applying for this position, you can visit the official website of company or read out this article until end to understand the procedure of hiring.

Salary & Benefits:

Sri Balaji Manpower Services is offering a salary of AED 600 per month, along with an additional AED 200 for food. You can also do overtime work in Sri Balaji Manpower Services. Accommodation is the responsibility of company.


Below is the summary for compensation and incentives for employees in Sri Balaji Manpower Services:

  1. Gas Usage Cutting: If an employee uses company gas, there will be a deduction of 40 Dhs from their pay.
  2. Incentives for Working Fridays/Holidays:
    • If an employee works 4 Fridays or holidays, they will receive an additional 100 Dhs.
    • If they work 3 Fridays or holidays, they get 75 Dhs.
    • If they work 2 Fridays or holidays, the incentive is 50 Dhs.
  3. Additional Overtime: The incentive is in addition to any overtime pay earned on the respective day.
  4. Holiday Compensation:
    • On holidays, employees receive full-day overtime pay.
    • They also receive the incentives mentioned above for working on holidays.
  5. Weekly Holiday: There is a provision for having one day off as a holiday every week.

In essence, it outlines a system where employees are rewarded for working on holidays, with the incentive increasing based on the number of Fridays or holidays worked. Additionally, there are provisions for overtime pay on holidays and a guaranteed weekly day off.

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As a general helper in Sri Balaji Manpower Services in Dubai, the role encompasses a range of responsibilities. You have to do help in the work of Mechanical, electrical, MEP, plumbing, and welding and in other technical tasks.

Your will be responsible for loading and unloading materials efficiently, ensuring a smooth flow of operations in Sri Balaji Manpower Services. Housekeeping duties are vital, contributing to a clean and organized work environment.

Sometimes you may have to the work of cable pulling, requiring the helper to assist in the installation and arrangement of cables for different systems. Additionally, cleaning tasks are part of the daily routine, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a hygienic and safe workspace in Sri Balaji Manpower Services.

How to Apply for General Helper In Dubai?

To apply for general helper job in Dubai in Sri Balaji Manpower Services make sure you have valid passport and necessary document clear. Once you are done with this and also can fulfill the responsibilities for General Helpers in Dubai then you can apply by Clicking Here

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