Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship With Zero Bezels

Oppo is one of the best-emerging company in Smartphone Market Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship. Nowadays As we all know that, all smartphones companies are trying their best to feature full-screen phone and Oppo has also stepped on this side by introducing their new flagship smartphone Oppo Find X. Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship
The Oppo company claims that Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship has a 93.8% screen-to-body ratio and the camera is featured on a pop-up tray on the top of the phone. Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship

Design: Of Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship

Adding extra detail to it, Oppo makers has made Oppo Find X with almost ZERO bezels. It’s almost ignorable that slight bezel at the chin of the face. While the phone looks amazingly fantastic. With 93.8 percent of a screen to body ratio, it has now become the 1st mobile phone ever to have such a screen that has zero bezels.
Regarding the screen size, Find X owns the largest 6.42 inches with an OLED display that makes your day brighter than ever before. But looks like it’s not completely visible and quite clear as measured with other brand new phones. Pictures are not 100 percent clear that’s just because of Full HD resolution stretched to its corners of the screen. Not like the LG, Samsung, Vivo, and others. Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship
The sides of the gargantuan screen are curved that makes it more comfortable to hold and use it with more flexibility. Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship

The premium glass metal finish at the front and back will surely make you feel a cogent phone ever. It’s quite large so is easy to handle but will be uncomfortable with smaller hands. Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship

Camera and Power:

While you simply start with the camera app, it’ll pop-up within a jiffy. So you don’t gonna wait for a long while Vivo who did the same job a week ago made you wait for some time to pop out of the device. The camera can also be launched after successful verification with O-Face.

Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship

With a 16MP sensor and a 20MP secondary camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) – meaning pictures will be more visible and vivid while you make sudden or faster movement. Both the cameras work together to serve an amazing picture quality allowing a perfect bokeh mode(background blur effect).

Featuring an AI, the Oppo Find X is packed with some real camera capture ability allowing you to identify 21 different scenarios by adjusting itself while taking a shot. That’s how the Huawei and similar other phones have made use of AI. Coming up to the front-facing camera, 25MP might feed my selfieholic friends with great 3D modeling and an extra beautification mode, as well as O-Face, unlock.

As usual, I’ll let you make a beautiful version of yourself because of some great camera feature. And so great opportunity to become a beautiful face of yourself to impress someone special.

Extreme 3,730mAh battery life may last long (but I don’t believe these Chinese phone makers). Offering a quick charging using Oppo’s VOOCfeature fast charging via USB-C port.

For the Oppo Find X, there’s no wireless charging facility but there’s no need of the wireless charging at all.

Performance and interface:

Oppo Find X has been packed up with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 Chipset with 8GB of RAM. The phone picks up to the peak with Android 8.1 Oreo that actually works on Oppo’s color OS 5.1 interface.
Oppo Find X comes with pre-loaded Google suits of apps and is ready to launch worldwide sooner. That is what Vivo lacked in their recent smartphone.
The phone supports the latest version of Android – Android P Beta program, that allows you to upgrade as and when required. But let me make it clear that it may contain bugs, malware, etc.

It comes with a maximum 256GB of storage capacity that means you can expand your storage option as per your basic requirement. Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship

Add-on Features:

The only thing that can unlock your device is the face unlock features that Oppo calls it as O-Face.

It’s not that fast like a ticking of a clock as you’ve to wait for a few seconds and make a clear bright face to get inside your Oppo Find X. Alongside it holds an IR(infra-red) sensor to make you enter the phone while you’re in dark to recognize the face. Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship
Oppo claims to reports that the rate of failure of O-Face will be at most one in a million while fingerprint scanner to be one in a 50,000 and that offers you five years of use without any failure.

Sadly, the music lovers are gonna miss their headphones as there’s no headphone jack available to fit in you. While it’s not that heartbreaking moment for the consumers. At the bottom of the phone, you can find a USB-C port and a single speaker grill that is placed quite unusual as the sound will get trapped inside the surface as far as it will be placed vertically. Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship

Pricing and availability:

The price is the highest of all but it somewhere worth it. It is priced at (Rs. 129,999 PKR) for 256GB Model of Oppo Find X.

And that’s way too expensive, especially because of Full HD resolution display that finds its way far better than any other Android version mobile phone. Currently, Oppo Find X also announce of Lamborghini Find X edition that has a 512GB of storage capacity; fitted with a Lamborghini logo at the back and Oppo’s VOOC fast charging which can refill from 0 to 100 percent in just 35 minutes. That’s no way easy to buy as it’ll cost you a whopping  (Rs. 129,999 PKR). Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship

Presently Oppo Find X has will be launching in the month of August and it’ll be available for countries like Pakistan, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, China and Taiwan, and Australia including North America.

Final Verdict:

For the Oppo, the price tag is seriously annoying as there are no major features that it should bring forth to satisfy the users. There’s no headphone jack, no wireless charging capability, stereo speakers. The only thing that exists is the Full HD display and the other thing is the pop-up. Remaining features remains almost the similar to other recently launched smartphones. Oppo Find X Best Value Flagship

The only thing that remains with you is an ultra slim body with a gargantuan almost zero-bezel on the screen. So why the hell on earth you’re gonna invest in such a device having two-three irrelevant features just to impress or make your friends jealous of a new device in your hand.

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