How To Download YouTube Videos On Mac

How to download YouTube videos on Mac

Today we are talking about the most popular video sharing Platform YouTube. But you cannot avail its facility without internet. BUT!!! you can access videos everytime if you download it. But HOW??. Let me tell you how to download youtube videos on Mac.

Mac is very tricky when it comes to download songs or videos. it just won’t let you. You have to buy them. Now who has that much money?.Don’t worry i have a solution for you. Let’s see how to download YouTube videos on Mac.

YouTube is providing the most browsing data. we all know that YouTube contains Videos all about Popular stuff such as Makeup, Beauty, Kids, Parenting, Educational videos, Pranks, Music and entertainment.

The list is very vast we cannot even list each and every category. Everyday youTube has something new and amazing for us. YouTube has become an essential part of our lives and nobody can deny its presence and importance for us.

Methods To Dowload Youtube Videos On Mac

  • Youtube premium
  • Download YouTube videos using Browsers
  • Download YouTube videos on Mac with Apps
  • through online Websites
  • Record Videos On Your Mac
  • App To Download Youtube Videos On Mac

YouTube Premium

A feature that YouTube has introduced. YouTube Premium is also known as YouTube Red. It is subscription service that allows the user to enjoy stream free videos on YouTube. User can save videos offline in their device for offline viewing. With YouTube premium user can play videos on the background.

Download YouTube videos for iMac

You have to subscribe in order to get the facility. But the dowloaded videos will remain in your mobile device only. Basically its a paid subscription and it will cost you $11.99 per month. The first month has a free trial though.

Also when you will play the video on YouTube premium you will notice a download button click it and download the video for watching online. However, you cannot transfer the downloaded video on to your device it will remain in the app.

Download YouTube Videos Using Browsers.

  1. Download With Google Chrome.
  2. With Firefox
  3. Download Youtube Videos With Safari.
Download With Google Chrome

In order to download YouTube videos on Mac you need to download a plugin from chrome webstore. Ultimate YouTube Downloader.

Ultimate YouTube Downloader
Download YouTube videos on iMac

if this plugin is installed you can download the video from YouTube. You can even download video from any site open in google chrome. it is like the Download manager. Contrary to Download manager this plugin remains in the google chrome just like any other extension.

You can download any version like MP4 or the video quality.

With Firefox

Like google chrome, add ons are required to download video from Firefox. Unlike google chrome Firefox has two add ons.

  • DownloadHelper
  • NetVideoHunter

In Tools go to the menu bar and search for any of the above plugin. Download and install the plugin. And whenever you will play a video the download icons for both plugins will appear. Simply click them and your download will began.

Download Youtube Videos With Safari

With the case of safari Video downloading is easy. Because this method does not require any plugin or extension. Firstly open YouTube or any URL and simply after playing the video pause it. Now wait for the grey line until its completely filled.

Now click window icon on the menu bar in safari. Here you will find a line that is representing your video. Now you can download the video just with double clicking it.

Download YouTube videos on Mac with Apps

This methods contains numbers of softwares which can help in the download of YouTube videos on Mac. Let’s take a look on all of them.

  • Airy
  • Video Duke
  • Free YouTube Downloader
  • iFunia YouTube Downloader
  • ClipGrab
  • MacX YouTube Video Downloader
  • Aimersoft YouTube Downloader
  • WinX HD Video Converter
  • YTD Video Downloader
  • 5K Player

A completely secure software to download YouTube videos on Mac. Airy is a most strong way to download YouTube videos. Most importantly you can not only download YouTube Videos but also you can save Channels on your Mac with YouTube.

Download YouTube videos on iMac

A very User Friendly software that helps in download YouTube videos of your desired quality. Airy allows you to download videos from multiple sites at a time.

It works really fast and once downloaded you can play your videos without an internet connection. You can also extract audio from videos and will not even lose quality of the sound.


Another Fantastic yet simple downloader which comes in two modes.

  • simple mode
  • Advanced Mode
Download YouTube videos on iMac

this download gives the oppurtunity to download videos in HD qualiy and also 4K 5K versions. Similarly this downloader works pretty much as airy does. You can downlaod YouTube channels with this one and it will do so pretty fast as far as the security and safety is concerned well that’s not promised but it works wonders.

Free YouTube Downloader

Another video downloader with amazing downloading experience. Its premium version is iTube HD video downloader.

This tool downloads with faster speed. Simply copy and paste the url and click download button. This video downloader detects on its own the video and downloads it and it allows you to download videos from dailymotion, YouTube and Vimeo etc.

iFunia YouTube Downloader

So, the deal is pretty simple. iFunia YouTube downloader provides you with the facility to download YouTube videos for mac for free. it enables you to download vdeos in Mp4 quality. You can download videos from many multiple websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Instagram etc.

Significantly like the others iFunia YouTube downloader also detects the Url on its own you just have to copy and paste it in the Url bar and then start the download. Select your desired quality as it allows you to download in different qualities and now its done.

Apowersoft Video Downloader

Same work different name. This app downloads videos in such vast level such as you can convert with this software.

you can download videos as per your desired quality. it allows to download in HD resolution and much more. Easy to use and it downloads videos from YouTube Dailymotion etc.


A fantastic video downloader. it also works with the copy paste method. But an amazing feature of this software is that it detects on its own. This downloader provides the ability to download HD videos with best quality. videos you can get with one click.

It allows you to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo Dailymotion and many more sites. Moreover you can get the videos in number of different formats.

MacX YouTube Video Downloader

Another Downloader comes your way, So we can say that all video downloaders are pretty much same but each one of them contains some different and unique features. Same as MacX YouTube video downloader downloader, it gives you the options to select its video quality the moment you paste the url such as you can download in 720p, 1080p, HD, 4k and 5k formats.

Aimersoft YouTube Downloader

Just as the others this software downloads YouTube videos but it performs this action really fast. Aimersoft Gives the option to save the entire playlist from youtube. Downloading from Aimersoft YouTube downloader is pretty easy and simple. Easy to use and gives fast result so whats holding you back!!

WinX HD Video Converter

This dowloader is complete safe and secure if you want to download YouTube videos for Mac. WinX HD provides safe security while downloading videos you can select resolutions and formats of your choice. you can download video in Mp4 etc. it also gives the option to download video in desired quality.

YTD Video Downloader

It has easy and simple way to download video. if you want to experience good quality offline videos this is a good option. Same like the others YTD provides with the facility to download videos more than in one quality. you can choose the quality of the video and also you can convert the video. it downloads videos for free and you can download videos from many websites such as YouTube, Vimeo Dailymotion etc.

5K Player
Download YouTube videos on iMac

Now last but not least, this is one of the best video downloaders. user can perfectl achieve high quality videos to download with its help. You can choose your quality it downloads in MP4 3GP etc. you can also choose your resolution such as 720p etc. ad this APP will download it for you. indeed a very good option to achieve best downloaded videos.

Through Online Websites

A free and space saving method in my opinion. well if you are into online video downloading through online platform then lets jump right into it. You can easily download through online websites plus its very time saving.

Let’s Dig into the list

  • KeepVid
  • Flash Video Downloader
  • VidPaw
  • Online Video Converter
Download YouTube videos on iMac

Keep Vid iS an online website which helps in the download of YouTube videos on Mac for free. Copy the URL of the video and paste it in the keep vid url bar then proceed your video will be downloaded in a few minutes.

Flash Video Downloader
Download YouTube videos on iMac

This video downloader also easily downloads videos from YouTube and many other sites. It help you select the quality of video such as FLV, Mp4, etc. it also detects the images and Blocks ads and gets rid of them in the video


another good website is vidpaw. Open the website in mac on Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox whatever Browser you prefer using. Different qualities and formats are availabe to download the video such as WEMP, MP4 in 720p, 1080p etc.

Download YouTube videos on iMac

Copy the url and paste it in the empty box on vidpaw and click download then proceed. and video is downloaded on your device Now enjoy.

Online Video Converter

this video converter is very good to download YouTube videos on mac. Copy your url video and paste it in the empty bar. Block the notifications and select the quality of video mp4, m4v, wmv etc select the quality to 720p or 1080p or any other given in the list

Now click start and download video.

i hope you will find this article helpful if so, let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to share.