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How To Deactivate Whatsapp Account Without Phone

1: Method (How To Deactivate Whatsapp Account Without Phone)

The fastest way to deactivate the Whatsapp account is to block the SIM and get new one as soon as possible. Then install the Whatsapp in new/another mobile and verify the mobile number in the new phone. Then the stolen phone Whatsapp will become unusable.
Now Read The Complete Artical of (How To Deactivate Whatsapp Account Without Phone )

If you can’t get the new SIM immediately, then you have to mail the Whatsapp support with your number (in International format). They will deactivate your account. Once the account is deactivated, you can re-activate it again after purchasing the new SIM and mobile. You just need to install Whatsapp again and go through the regular verification process

Update :
If you simply don’t want to use Whatsapp in the new phone, you can simply delete the app and install it whenever you wish to start using it again. But, If you don’t want to use Whatsapp at all in the future, then once you activated the Whatsapp account in the new phone, go to Settings -> Account -> Delete Account. This will permenantely delete all the chats and its backups from Whatsapp app.

2: Method (How To Deactivate Whatsapp Account Without Phone)

In your PC,
1. Download bluestacks app.(Minimum 2GB RAM needed)
2. Download whatsapp
3. Enter your old whatsapp account.
4. It will show all your groups and broadcast lists of your Whatsapp account
5. Then go to Settings > Account > Delete my account.
6. Enter your phone in the full international format and press Delete my account.
That’s all.
If you find any difficulties in my explanation just follow the given link:
WhatsApp FAQ – How do I delete my account?
It shows deleting whatsapp through your phone as images. Once you download bluestacks, Then it will show you the user interface of mobile in your PC.
You wont find any difficulties.

3: Method (How To Deactivate Whatsapp Account Without Phone)

You have lost your mobile and now you want that the other person not to receive your massages.

what you need to do is just activate your whatsapp on new mobile.

the whatsapp activated on lost mobile wont work automatically.

if someone try to use whatsapp on that lost mobile he will need whatsapp verification code.i.e. he wont be able to access whatsapp without verification code.

RESULT: you have successfully deactivated whatsapp on lost mobile.

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